Should an emergency occur during business hours please call us immediately so that we can prepare for your arrival.
(412) 809-0430

We refer all emergencies occurring after hours to:

Veterinary Emergency Clinic
882 Butler St., Shaler (off Rte. 8)
(412) 492-9855


Breathing Difficulties
Labored breathing -- coupled with pale or bluish mucous membranes of the mouth and gums -- may indicate heart failure, lung disease, or a major chemical imbalance.

Serious Bleeding
Apply direct pressure to the wound and seek medical help immediately.

Major Trauma
If your pet has fallen, been struck by a moving vehicle, or suffers multiple wounds from an unseen accident, see a veterinarian... even if your pet initially appears unharmed.

Head Tilt or Seizure
Both of these symptoms may indicate a central nervous system problem that requires immediate attention.

Lacerations and Bite Wounds
Wounds that penetrate the skin are contaminated and may become infected within several hours. Many wounds that seem minor on the surface often hide more extensive injuries to vital tissues below

Loss of Consciousness
Illness or injury can make your pet too weak to stand. Neurological problems can impair or prevent normal movement and further attempts at walking may result in even greater injury.

When you know or suspect that your pet has ingested a poisonous substance, call your veterinarian or emergency facility immediately to receive emergency instructions and to assess the need for additional medical treatment.